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Serving vulnerable children and those with disabilities

We are focused on serving, mentoring, and empowering vulnerable children and those with disabilities around the world. 

1 billion people in the world have a disability

Reaching those who need community

Missions work has not done enough to bring the Gospel to those living with a disability. Our churches need to be a more welcoming and understanding place for those who have to overcome barriers to enter into Christian fellowship. 

90 to 95 percent

of people with disabilities globally are unreached by the gospel

We need to think beyond geographies when we think about people groups who need access to the life changing message of Jesus Christ.

only 10 percent

of U.S. churches offer  tangible support to disabled people

God is calling us to mobilize the church so that people with disabilities can feel the love of Jesus. 

Paris Paralympics 2024

This year we are bringing a team to the Paralympics to share the Gospel, mobilize churches around the world and to share the stories of athletes with disabilities.


Kids Served


Financial Partners


Staff & Regular Volunteers

How You Can Help

Since 2022, most of our ministry partnerships and serving opportunities are located in Southern California and Tijuana, Mexico through our two annual programs, Tijuana Summer Missions and Christmas Outreach.

We rely on the help of volunteers and staff to serve with us in order to accomplish our annual programs. If you’re interested in serving with us, please reach out and see how you can be involved.

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Our Award Winning Media

We produce and film documentaries to advance the work of orphan care online and mobilize Christians to serve vulnerable children with us. We believe that media has a powerful impact on the world, and hope to use our gifts in filmmaking to share about the needs of children globally.

Watch a trailer for our most recent film, There’s No Place like Family!

Our Children's Books

Our team is dedicated to raising awareness about caring for vulnerable children globally and providing children access to the Bible and creative books.


Here are some books we have produced over the past 10 years. 

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Our Story

Renewal Missions was founded in 2014 when our founder, David Pat, saw a need to help churches learn about orphan care and how to serve those with disabilities. David noticed how many children's homes were hurting, and lacked support from churches. 


He began leading short-term missions teams to serve in children's homes and making videos to share the stories and needs of orphans globally. Today, we are proud to serve alongside hundreds of partners and volunteers to provide support to vulnerable children globally and help share the Gospel with kids in need. 

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