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Children's Books

Our founder, David Pat noticed that one of the resources that orphanages often lack is books. Since 2014, Renewal Missions printed over 10,000 copies of original books to give to orphans globally so far. 

Why Do We Make Books?

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Lack of Resources

One of the resources that orphanages often lack is books. According to UNICEF, 71% of children in Mexico under the age of 5 have two or fewer children's books. Many orphans lack access to good education and resources. We hope to provide them with their very own books!

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Through our storytelling, we hope to encourage the body of Christ to consider what their roles in orphan care are and could be. We want to show people how they can love these children with the gifts, talents, and blessings that God has given them, whether that is through providing a loving home, services, or resources.

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We aim to publish, and gift books that not only share the Word of God but also mobilize people towards missions. We hope to continue sharing the Gospel with our books and providing resources to people in need.

Our Books

We have worked with artists, illustrators, and writers all over the world to create these bilingual books. We are grateful to produce and distribute books to give out to orphans.


This a catalog of all the books that we have produced. We have a limited print run for all of our books, but we currently have physical copies available for all of our books. Please request below for a copy to be sent to you.

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The Adventures of Puteri Lilin

Produced by Christy Tang

Illustration by Angelie Yap

Puteri Lilin is known as the Wax Princess to everyone in her town. She is troubled by an illness that causes her to melt when exposed to the sun. Join her as she goes on a journey to find a cure.

Physical Copies Available

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Chino Luchador: Tale of Mask and Muscle

Produced by David Pat

Designed by Christy Tang

Illustrated by Arek Yetenekian

Yu Weilong is a man with a calling. After hearing the irresistible call he bears the mask of the CHINO LUCHADOR, champion of faith and fulfilling one’s dreams!

Physical Copies Available


Noah Noe (In English & Spanish)

Produced by David Pat

& Christy Tang

Illustrated by Ling Zi

An imaginative retelling of the Book of Noah about God’s judgment and mercy, and how we are called to live as holy people in a world full of wickedness.

Physical Copies Available


8-Bit Gospel of John 

Produced by David Pat

& Christy Tang

Illustrated by Arek Yetenekian

The Gospel of John is about the life of Jesus Christ and his ministry.

Physical Copies Available

Digital Copy Available for Download

English version

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Produced by David Pat

& Christy Tang

Illustrated by Ling Zi

The Book of Jonah is a book about God’s heart for the lost, and how we are called to love all the different people of the world.

Physical Copies Available

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Jeremiah Lionheart

Produced by David Pat

& Christine Lee

Illustrated by Crystal Chan

Jeremiah Lionheart is a book about having a passion for adoption and empowering those with special needs.

Physical Copies Available

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Are you passionate about using Media to serve the Kingdom of God?

Our team is always looking for media missionaries who are excited to use grow and utilize their gifts to serve God in a big way. We believe that media has a huge impact on our world today, and hope to use the digital world as a way to reach more people with the Gospel.

Request a copy of our books here!

We currently carry various limited quantities of each book, please inquire for more information about physical copies of each book. 

Thanks for submitting!

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