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A Great Need in Tijuana

This a reflection from our board member, Jonathan Chan, as he was serving in Tijuana Missions this past summer with our team.

Throughout the week, we felt two very different (but not necessarily contradictory) realities at play:

1. There is a great need in Tijuana – we are witnesses to the fact that the kids we serve are very well-loved by the directors of the casa hogars (children's homes), but nothing replaces the love and attention of parents.

2. God is doing great things through those who are serving these kids - the amount of sacrifice and heart it takes to care for these children, who are in extremely vulnerable situations, is enormous and difficult for us to fathom. I truly believe that this ministry daily demonstrates the love of Christ.

We ran 3 days of workshops for 2 separate casa hogars (children's homes). We shared concepts about the Gospel, faith, and their identity in Christ. It was a joy to spend time with the kids, share ideas about God, and affirm their worth in Him. Our hope is that this is not a one-off trip, but that we are able to consistently throughout the coming years. What would our communities look like if the body of Christ was regularly engaging with and serving people who are very different from them?

Our desire is:

  • to be consistent, intentional, and present as these kids grow up

  • for the kids to know that they are loved by God, by their community, and by siblings in Christ globally

  • to see these types of cross-cultural ministries become a norm in our faith communities in San Diego!


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