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Can we change the lives of vulnerable children through books?

We believe that kids need more books. In many of the areas we serve, vulnerable and orphaned children often don't have access to books and don't have adults to read to them.

Our team believes that when put books in the hands of kids and volunteers, we can have a positive impact on their growth and education.

Bilingual children's books about the Bible are important because we want to communicate truths that will change kids' lives. We are excited for them to encounter God's love. We want them to understand that no matter what happens in their life, God's love is present and available to them. Our goal is to make sure kids are physically cared for and are able to hear the truth of God.

We are teaching kids to dream amidst their difficult situation in my life and the hopelessness they feel. We hope they grow to know that their true identity is in Christ and that we are made uniquely in God's image, even when we have disabilities or handicaps.

Please pray as we prepare to distribute many of our books during this Christmas season. We are in the process of identifying partners who want to help give out books. This way, we can serve more kids and bring in more volunteers to serve children around the world.

If you are interested in requesting copies of our books, head to our Book Catalog to find out more.

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